Linda Vanover
Girdler Elementary School

Fellow teachers and staff members could not list all of the positive contributions that Mrs. Vanover has made to Girdler Elementary and the teaching profession. A summary of the many nominations included:

  • She goes above and beyond for her students.

  • She genuinely cares for each student as if they were one of her own children.

  • Mrs. Vanover volunteers to take on roles within the school and helps out whenever and wherever she can. She is passionate about her job and wants to be a positive influence in the lives of the students and her colleagues.

  • She not only taught me as a former student of hers, but she continues to teach me as a colleague by giving advice and guidance in the teaching profession.

  • She is kind to everyone and the best Math teacher Knox has had in a long time.

Chasity Sharp
Flat Lick Elementary School

Teachers and family nominations were submitted for Ms. Sharp at Flat Lick. They all reflect on her passion and contributions made to help her colleagues. A few excerpts of nominations include:

  • She has went above and beyond to help new teachers transition to the classroom and has been an amazing resource during PLC meetings.

  • She is a phenomenal educator with a noticeable passion.

  • Every student that has had her as a teacher for even one class would tell anyone and everyone how deserving she is as a teacher for this title.

  • Not only does she help her colleagues, she goes above and beyond for the students here.

Nick Cole
Knox County Middle School

From classroom teacher, to athletic coach, to the school's announcer and DJ, Mr. Cole shows his passion for Knox County Middle School in so many different ways.

Mr. Hoskins, school principal, stated that "Mr. Cole goes above and beyond for our students and our school. He is always willing to go the extra mile for KCMS."

Nominations for Mr. Cole included:

  • He makes sure to put his best into whatever he is working on.

  • He is always involved in everything at the school.

  • From teaching his students, to helping out co-workers with any issues, he makes sure to put his best into whatever he is working on.

  • He is a stand out Teacher Leader at KCMS.

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Sarah Provost
Lynn Camp Middle School

Sarah Provost is known for giving 110% in planning out meaningful lessons for her students. Some of the nominations mentioned:

  • She is always organized, covers content in fun, intriguing and engaging ways for the students to learn.

  • She is not only successful in building relationships with her students, but with her teammates.

  • Her dedication to her students is unmatched.

  • We are blessed to call her a Wildcat!

William Bowling
Knox Central High School

Mr. Bowling has gone above and beyond for his students during his two years of teaching. His first year happened during the pandemic, and he seamlessly transitioned into his position and made great strides in learning the technology needed to effectively teach his students. He has fostered wonderful relationships with students and has been a mentor to many.

Not only does he teach engineering, but this year he picked up Dual Credit Calculus along with tutoring. He coaches Science Olympiad and is starting a student stem association as well.

He is a great teacher but also a great coworker and is willing to step in whenever help is needed. He is an advocate for our students and understands the diverse needs of our student population.