Larry Brown

Driver and Custodian

Donna Saylor

School Administrative Assistant
G.R. Hampton

When Larry is not on the bus transporting students, you can find him at the bus garage keeping things clean and organized. Thank you, Larry, for all you do for our students and our transportation team!

"[Donna] is a shining star because she is the first person staff, parents, and the community members see when entering the school. She is always top notch when it comes to all of her paperwork/ reports. She's always there to answer any questions you may have."

AJ Felton

School Facilities at Lay Elementary

Carol Foley

School Facilities at Knox County Middle

"He takes time to talk to all the kids and builds a positive relationship with them." "There is no task he will turn down." "His work ethic is top notch." and more...

"Best worker and she beautifies our school." "Her demeanor is just awesome." "She does all the little things that have to be done behind the scenes to ensure our school is safe." "Always goes above and beyond." and more...

The Knox County Public Schools family is made up of caring staff members that demonstrate compassion and excellence daily while serving students, student families, and one another. When an employee goes "above and beyond", we call them "Shining Stars" for their leadership and superior customer service skills.

All support staff, (secretaries, cooks, instructional assistants and aides, clerks, bookkeepers, bus drivers, monitors, custodians, maintenance, student workers, etc.) are eligible for the Shining Star award. (Teachers and other certified staff should be nominated for the Teacher Leader award.)

Everyone. We welcome nominations from students, parents, family members, community members, guest visitors to our schools, and fellow co-workers.

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