This Week at The Knowing Garden: June 13 - 15

Week #36

  • Monday 6/13 - Game Day!

    1. Drop off @ TKG Annex

    2. Pick up @ Wilderness Park

  • Tuesday 6/14 - Camp Day!

    1. Drop off @ Wilderness Park

    2. Pick up @ Wilderness Park

  • Wednesday 6/15 - Celebration of Learning!

    1. Drop off @ Entradero Park

    2. Celebration of Learning @ 1:30 PM

    3. Gratitude Circle @ ~2:45 PM

    4. Sunflowers and drum out @ ~3 PM


  • To Rebecca who is donating tinfoil for our solar ovens!

  • To Amber for leading Camp Day Crafts!

  • To Danny for creating our Wilderness Guide!

  • To Students for their Conferences and prepping for Celebration!


  • JUNE - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual + Pride Month

  • Mon 13 - Game Day! **parents welcome**

    • Board games, cooperative games, competitive games

  • Tue 14 - Camp Day! **parents welcome**

    • Bring your camping gear and let's learn about native plants, solar oven & s'mores, and sing some camp songs!

  • Wed 15 - Last Day & Celebration of Learning! **parents welcome**

    • Ask your child(ren) specific questions about their presentations: Why did you pick this photo to share? What is the funniest thing that happened while you were working? How did the challenges you faced change your project's direction?

    • Focus on what they did! They have accomplished so much this year and now is the time to focus on their growth and accomplishments.

Taking Turns

Practicing taking turns, let alone sharing your item with others, can make us feel all kinds of ways. I appreciate that we're vocal about all the ways we feel!

You can do scary things!

You can feel scared AND take a step back. You can feel stuck and not want to continue...but you can do hard things! You have others around you, supporting and guiding you. You will get down!

"Work" Environment

As a constructivist-inspired school, our environment is our third teacher. Students have their favorite spaces for certain days, activities, and feelings in multiple parks. Let's keep expanding it!

Solar Ovens!

Visit TKG's YouTube page, here!


  1. Pizza box

  2. Tin foil

  3. Exacto knife/scissors

  4. Plastic wrap/plastic sheet

  5. Lid holder (pencil/stick)

  6. Dark background/plate


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ACORN Google Classroom

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Southbay Equity Project - social justice resources on a website. Also on Instagram

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Parent Resources

  • TKG Handbook (link)

  • Gratitude Feast Info (email)

  • Mask A Rave

  • Intro to Celebration of Learning (link)

A beloved TKG Tradition is our Celebration of Learning. Our community gathers, as a show of deep support, to celebrate students and create value for their ownership in the process of learning. It supports our mission to offer an interactive and collaborative approach to education.

  • First Day of School Traditions (link)

Not your typical first day around here, our #firstdayofschool traditions include play, building relationships, and sunflowers. These traditions were designed to build a community that can work through just about anything.

  • Learning through Conflict (Link)

When students experience conflict at TKG, we (adults) do not put our effort in to resolving the conflict for children. We believe that the conflict is an opportunity to learn about self, others, and outcomes. Conflicts are a natural and real part of our everyday world and part of the daily learning process. But similar to how some people respond to children in free-play…some may question: what are they learning?


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