Colnago Arabesque Gentleman Project

One of the most iconic model of the Colnago production of all time, here in an extremely rare version.

In the mid 80's Colnago introduced a serie of Arabesque frames called "Arabesque gentleman", handmade with the same tubing and lugs of the road racing model, but designed to become a quite special and sophisticated city bike. On old catalogs, Colnago tell us that this model was created for the professional figures working in the city, such as lawyers, doctors, accountant and so on.. who are looking for an exclusive bicycle as a valid alternative to get around avoiding the city traffic.

Because of the really high retail price that bicycle didn't sell much and it became extremely rare to find to this days.

The quality of the manufacturing, the finishing, the beautiful lug-work make this frame a true masterpiece.

I am Collecting this Campagnolo Grop for this project, so far I got this!

Colnago Gentlemen for sale at Steel - - "sold"