Course Selection

Is Taking a Course Online Right For You?

Why would I take a TXVSN course? How do I know if a TXVSN course will meet my needs?

The assumption is that if you are on this page, you are trying to determine if taking a course online is right for you. As you select a choice, you will be taken to a page that has more information about that choice. You will be taken to other pages to help you determine if taking a course through Texas Virtual School Network is right for you. If you decide to pursue an online course, see your counselor.

To pursue a TXVSN course during the school day or as a self-pay course outside the school day, you are required to have a graduation plan in place, meet with your counselor and the TXVSN site coordinator on campus, complete the TXVSN student application process, and be approved.

Click here to visit the Klein ISD TXVSN program web page for more details about the TXVSN program in Klein.

Click the response below that best applies.

If you think a TXVSN online course might meet your needs for a class, contact your counselor today.

What kind of student is best suited for taking an online course?

  • Students who take online courses need to have the following traits:
    • Be able to work independently (move through assignments without a monitor urging you, have positive appropriate behavior when not being monitored, and be able to identify trouble [tech, assignment, communication] and attempt to resolve the problem.
    • Be self-monitoring and self-regulating (remain on schedule, ask for help when understanding is not at mastery level, maintain passing grades and seeking assistance when not doing well)
    • Be an active learner (students who are most successful online are students who do not have to be told to study, to complete their work and to do so on schedule; be active in engaging the teacher when something is not clear; use the TXVSN assigned period only to complete TXVSN work - and when work is completed, use that time to study, practice, and continue doing well in class).


    1. The Klein ISD Texas Virtual School Network program is open to all 8th graders and above who are eligible to take high school credit courses.
    2. A student must have a graduation plan completed and reviewed by the student's counselor.
    3. All prerequisites for courses must be met in order to take a course, and Klein's course pathway (the order courses are taken) must be followed.
    4. A student may only register for a TXVSN course if the student has access to the internet away from school, and must maintain access throughout the course.