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Klein Oak Student Council

Why should you become a part of Student Council?

Leadership Opportunities

.Becoming an officer: Becoming an officer is a great way to be involved with stuco and the overall student body at Klein Oak. You can apply to be an officer at the beginning of the year!

Earning your cords: A great opportunity to show your support and dedication to Student Council and get some cool accessories for your letterman!

An amazing community

Homecoming/ Prom: Help decorate the whole school for hoco! You can enjoy your group of friends on Hoco and bask in the glory of flaunting that poster you hung up in the hallway and show all of your people sayin' "yeah I did that."

Decorating the school: Speaking of decorating the school, stuco also helps out with showing school spirit during the sports season! You can help out the cheer squad and make colorful, eyecatching posters and see them hanging in the cafeteria!