Online Resources

As meeting the information needs of 21st Century learners is a focus in Klein ISD, all staff and students have access to terrific online resources. These are accessible from any device with Internet access! Please contact the library if you need help with usernames or passwords.

Click on any underlined word or picture to go directly to that resource.

LS2 is KISD's web-based catalog of the district’s library books and digital media. It uses a search format designed for adults and students. Use this to search for books in the Haude Library.

OverDrive is a digital library. You can access these eBooks from any device, anywhere, any time! All you need to know is your student ID number and these easy instructions to get started.

TumbleBook Library is collection of animated picture books that teach children the joys of reading in an online format. This resource is most suitable for elementary students. Access Tumblebook Library either here or through MackinVia!

Pebble Go is a database for grades K-3 that focuses on reading and research. It has tools that are developmentally appropriate for teaching skills to emergent readers.

Gale Online Resources is a database for students in grades K-5 with access to information on current events, arts, sciences, health, people, government, sports, history and more. It includes Kids InfoBits and National Geographic Kids!

TrueFlix combines True Books content with related videos, images, and web links.

The Encyclopedia Britannica is a classic reference book for elementary students.

A Spanish encyclopedia provided by Encyclopedia Britannica for elementary students.

E-books available for student check out, primarily graphic novels.

Mackin Via provides access to Tumblebook Library as well as a selection of other nonfiction e-books.