Klein Innovation Challenge:

Erase the E-Waste

Problem Statement:

We challenge YOU with the ERASE THE E-WASTE Innovation Challenge where students will explore a global issue of e-waste and its impact on our communities.

Day of Design Challenges encourage students to create like an innovator by employing creative problem-solving skills and an entrepreneurial mindset while innovating a solution to a problem.

Klein Students have participated in Klein Water Warriors, Klein In Space, Operation Lifeline. and KleinCreates where Klein ISD students used design thinking and entrepreneurial skills to solve world problems. Erase the E-Waste is the next Klein ISD Innovation Challenge which launches in September 2022 to encourage students to take on real-world challenges in the classroom.

What happens to the old cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices found in our homes, schools, and businesses? Electronic waste, also called e-waste, is one of the fastest-growing streams of waste. While the amount of e-waste continues to grow, many of these old and unused electronics are not appropriately disposed of or recycled and much of the e-waste also remains in our garages, attics, and closets or is just thrown out in the garbage. Much of the electronic waste from developed nations is shipped to developing nations for disposal. Improper disposal of electronic waste poses great risks to the environment and human health.

For the 2022 Klein Innovation Challenge, students will utilize design thinking and the LAUNCH cycle to explore, program-solve, and demonstrate critical thinking skills by developing an innovative product: a documentary that communicates their findings and proposes an innovative solution to e-waste. An expert panel will judge and review the documentaries and innovation solutions .

In Klein ISD, EVERY student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose.

Our Profile of a Learner Pathway Explorers are goal oriented, self-reflective, innovative, creative, optimistic, and hopeful!