Virtual Learning @ KISJ

What is Virtual Learning?

Virtual learning is a learning experience that is enhanced through the use of technology, where instruction takes place in an online virtual environment. It has been established as an effective means of learning and is used around the world.

The goal of KISJ Virtual School is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow through the duration of any campus closure.

Students are provided with meaningful learning opportunities and curricular content that they can work on independently with ongoing feedback and support from their teachers.

Learning experiences are authentic and can occur online or offline (e.g. reading, exercise, drawing, playing, building, writing; are all types of virtual school day tasks that can be photographed, filmed and submitted online).

Students have the ability to view lectures, access literature, ask questions, receive feedback, and complete all assignments online in a virtual school learning environment.

What is my role in Virtual Learning?

Teachers will facilitate a rigorous program of learning and assessment by:

  • Providing instruction and learning activities that engage students in academic work aligned with existing unit/lesson plans.

  • Assessing student learning via formative and summative assessments with clear expectations and procedures.

  • Providing timely and meaningful feedback to students to guide their learning experiences and outcomes.

  • Encouraging, offering and facilitating online group discussions (e.g. Chat, Meet, Zoom).

  • Maintaining clear, concise and consistent communication with students and families.

Students will be active and engaged learners through the online platforms by:

  • Being flexible and open to learning in a different environment.

  • Engaging in the assignments and activities and using the resources provided.

  • Maintaining regular communication with their teachers and, where necessary, their classmates.

  • Adhering to KISJ's policies of academic honesty.

Parents will:

  • Be familiar with the Virtual Learning expectations.

  • Provide a quiet place with online connectivity for students to work.

  • Engage their children in discussions about their learning.

  • Communicate questions or concerns to teachers and school administrators.

What does Virtual Learning at KISJ look like?

  • Each day, various learning activities are shared with students via Google Classroom or Seesaw according to the daily schedule of classes. This may vary depending on the grade level, subject and teacher.

  • Students engage in individual or collaborative learning depending on the objectives for the lessons of the day.

  • Students and teachers communicate through various familiar digital tools to gain further understanding of course content, engage in discussions, receive feedback, or demonstrate achievement and learning.

  • Students and teachers work together through our virtual platform to continue to master the skills and learning objectives of the KISJ academic curriculum.

How to Navigate Google Classroom

How to Navigate Seesaw

Set Reasonable Expectations for Screen Time & Work Time

Students should be spending an equivalent amount of time working virtually as they would attending a regular school day.

Keep in mind, your child needs breaks throughout the day!

In the KISJ school schedule students have built in breaks between classes as well as a longer lunch break, times during which they can stretch their legs and rest their minds. Please remind and encourage students to stretch, rest their eyes, get outside, have a snack, or take a brain break during their regularly scheduled transition times or as needed.

Since virtual learning may require an increased amount of time spent on the computer or other technological devices, encourage breaks to be technology free.


Transitions create stress due to change, which requires patience and empathy. Anticipate scheduling conflicts, lapses in response time, challenges with technology, and increased anxiety among students and adults, particularly in the early days.

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