1. The JAC League Cup and KISAC are separate competitions. Thus the A/B rosters of the JAC Cup do not need to match the rosters of a KISAC tournament.
  2. Prior to the beginning of the first match, coaches must complete the roster sheet on the spreadsheet below. They must then highlight approximately 75% (exact numbers listed below) of their 'A' level roster to indicate their top players or regular starters. These designated players are ineligible to ever play in a 'B' level competition during JAC events and are designated as 'A' level or Varsity competitors only. Players cannot be undesignated for any reason after the completion of the first match.
      • Roster of 12 = 9 Designated
      • Roster of 11 = 9 Designated
      • Roster of 10 = 8 Designated
      • Roster of 9 = 7 Designated
      • Roster of 8 = 6 Designated
      • Roster of 7 = 5 Designated
      • Roster of 6 = 5 Designated
      • Roster of 5 = 4 Designated
  3. 'B' level or undesignated 'A' level players are able to either move up or down as injuries or absences may occur throughout the season.
  4. In the event a designated player needs to play in 'B' level match to avoid forfeit, the intention to do so must be confirmed with the Athletic Director of the opposing school.
  5. In the event a school has multiple teams in the same division (i.e. two 'A' level teams) crossover of designated players is not permitted. If one of the teams is short on their designated players, they need to fill their roster with undesignated or B level players.
JAC Cup Rosters