To complete an application to participate in the Kings KNIGHT OF INNOVATION, refer to the application tab above.

1. Your exhibit must showcase innovative projects relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, or Mathematics.

2. The deadline to submit your application to participate in the KNIGHT of INNOVATION is March 22, 2019. The STEAM team will review responses and contact applicants no later than April 5, 2019.

3. Every volunteer will be directed to enter KHS through the Jr. High entrance and must check in by 4:30 pm to have time to set up their exhibits. Exhibits must be set up no later than 4:55 pm.

4. Exhibitors must stay until 7:30. After the event is over, volunteers must be present to assist in clean up from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Booth leaders will bring back their sign, extension cords, easels, markers, etc and tear down their table. Exhibitors must check out before their departure.

5. Each exhibit must be staffed with a minimum of two volunteers at each station at all times. This still applies if members need to break for meals or any other reason. Students under 13 years of age must have adult supervision.

6. All volunteers must wear shirts representing KINGS, such as a club shirt, or spirit shirt, or school colors. Outside organizations should wear company apparel if possible.

7. If you are conducting experiments that require the utilization of dangerous chemicals, you are required to list these materials in the application. If under any circumstances materials that will be used could be considered harmful, the students must first clear the matter with the STEAM team. Any other dangerous materials are strictly prohibited.

8. In the event of an EMERGENCY, please contact any member of the STEAM team or call phone number provided at check-in.