Kingsford Hybrid Learning

Accessing Lessons - All remote lessons are accessible on the Kingsford VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) through Google classroom. Please click the icon for your Year Group and you will be directed to your Google Classroom through the Kingsford VLE. Pupils will need to login using their 4 digit code.

Lesson Timetable - The pupil will undertake your lessons remotely at home, at the times that your lessons usually take place when you attend school. Your lesson times are listed on your school timetable. If you are unsure about how to login into your Google Live lesson please click the video tutorial link below for a demonstration of how to access Google Live lessons.

Help With Your Work if You Are Experiencing Difficulties - If you require any support with understanding the work your subject teacher has provided, please email your subject teacher using your VLE email account or contact them via your Google Classroom.

Please remember your learning and progress matter! You should ensure that you engage with the remote learning provision on every school day.

Click the relevant year group below to access the Kingsford VLE. Login using your student username (4 digit code) and password.

VLE login issues? Please contact