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2021 BTS Network Upgrade Project (eRate) RFP

Link to RFP

Date Open: 1/25/2021

Details: The purpose of this project is to upgrade our network infrastructure by modernizing aging core network hardware and extending current licensing. Our wireless infrastructure has standardized on Meraki. Our core network infrastructure has standardized on HP/Aruba. Please download the RFP above for more details. Bidders must participate in eRate and have a valid SPIN # in order to be considered.

All bids due no later than February 26, 2021 at 2PM CST.


Q & A

eRate requires that all questions asked by bidders be posted so that all bidders may see the answers. If you have any questions, we will post those answers here.

Q: Would you consider Aruba (or any other non-Meraki) vendor for Wireless Access Points?

A: We are not looking to replace wireless access points with this RFP. We are looking for 5 year Meraki cloud controller licensing for our existing access points.

RFPs for technology will be posted on this page. If you are a vendor, please check back often for updates.