Khalsa Montessori School COVID
Updates and Resources

Number of reported Covid-19 cases within the Khalsa Montessori School community (not all have caused a close contact situation within a classroom)

August: 7

September: 5

October: 6

November: 14

December: 7

January: 3

Febuary: 2

News and Announcements

We want to do our best to keep Khalsa Montessori School open for in-person instruction for all this school year. We highly recommend everyone continues to wear a mask to school so that ALL of our students and families, including unvaccinated and  immunocompromised community members can safely attend school. 

Bivalent Covid-19 Boosters are now available.

Policy and Procedures for Covid-19

Local Resources

2020-Spring 2022 Covid-19 Khalsa Montessori School Achieves

UPDATED: January 2022

Detailing on-campus return for primary, study hall students