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Here you can find all the PLAIDTASTIC things happening at Highland High School, Check out upcoming events, and even ask a Scot questions! Thanks for Stopping by.

Every school in the KHSD gets evaluated on their PBIS structures each year. We are very proud of our Platinum status in 2022 and have continued to strengthen and deepen our PLAID (Pride, Leadership, Attitude, Integrity & Determination) systems of support during the 22-23 school year. At the end of last year's review the visiting team of TOSAs suggested that we add a student to our Tier One Team which will help strengthen our cross collaboration with ASB, Link Crew, and other student led groups on campus. Since then, we have had a consistent student voice in our meetings that is also a part of ASB and Theatre. They also suggested continuing to teach PLAID expectations to not only certificated staff, but classified and long term subs as well. We have added classified members to our team and have been working to ensure PLAID is shared with everyone on Highland's campus. One way we have accomplished this is through our Tartan Team Challenge. All staff was split into blue and green teams and could achieve points by engaging in activities that showed pride in the PLAID such as participating in our school's acknowledgment system. We will continue to self-assess at least twice a year by using both a progress monitoring and an action planning tool which we have successfully done this year. We look forward to continuing the work with students, staff, parents and community stakeholders in providing the most PLAIDtastic campus for all.

At HHS, we say, "PLAID up!" 

This is the Scotsman Way. 

Scots show Pride, Leadership, Attitude, 

Integrity, and Determination everyday.

 you can't hide that scotsman Pride!