Keokuk CSD Libraries

KSD Libraries' Mission Statement

The mission of the KCSD school library program is to provide learning environments and services that support and enhance teaching, literacy, and learning for all students and staff.

KSD District Mission Statement

The Keokuk Community School District provides an educational foundation where students are active participants in becoming adaptable and critical thinkers along with achieving the skills (academic/vocational) for lifetime success.

1) Ensure that all students have the necessary skills and abilities to be college and/or career ready.2) Develop healthy, productive and contributing citizens who apply their skills and discover their maximum potential.3) Create meaningful, effective two-way communication between the district, parents, and community members to support student achievement.4) Maximize and align resources to provide increased access to learning tools and facilities that support student achievement and development.5) Continually promote a collaborative environment in which employees strive for excellence to enhance and support student learning.

Curious about what's in our libraries? Be sure to check out the catalog! You can access it on each school's main library page.

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