Testing Out Information

Testing Out in the Michigan Merit Curriculum is an option to demonstrate that a student meets or exceeds the content expectations associated with the subject credit area. A student may not test out to better a grade already earned. Reasons for testing out include:

1. To gain credit in a class to meet graduation requirements or advance to a higher level in the curriculum

2. To gain credit in a course failed.

Once a student has successfully tested out of a course, he/she may not test out of a lower course in same subject area or take the same course (i.e. specifically band, music or PE).

2017-18 Testing Out Application(printable)

Application deadline for Summer session June 15, 2017

A $10 deposit is required per subject test & must accompany the application.

Summer Testing Out Dates

August 1, 2017

August 2, 2017

August 3, 2017

Test Out Subjects

Click on the Class below for the study materials.

If your subject is not listed, please send an email to testingout@kentwoodps.org to obtain your study materials.

US History AB

Please refer to the textbook "American Anthem: Modern American History" as your study materials.

Questions? Email: testingout@kentwoodps.org

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