Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

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Ep. 1

Traveling to another Dimension

Is it possible to travel through a door of interdimentsional travel? Is a black hole the first step to making this kind of journey? What would the journey be like, and what would be on the other side? How many dimensions are there? Find out in this episode, as we have an expert share his understanding of black and white holes and travleing to another dimension.

Ep. 2

The Science Behind Carbonated Beverages

Ruth: “Fizz. . .”

Bennett: “The pop of a tab opening. . .”

Jake: “Ice cubes clinking in a glass. . .”

Cal: “Carbonation. . .”

Liam: “These are all sounds that relate to carbonated beverages.

Bennett: “What about the science behind all of this?”

Ruth: What??? There is science behind carbonated beverages?”

Bennett: “RUTH!”

Ep. 3


Here are three riddles to make you go, “Hmmm. . .” The more there is, the less you see. (Hmmm. . .) What five-letter word becomes shorter when two letters are added to it? (Hmmm. . .) What word begins and ends with an ‘e’ but only has one

letter in it? (Hmmm. . .) To find the answers to these riddles and learn more about the history of riddles, listen to this podcast episode.

Ep. 4


Considered unsinkable . . . An engineering marvel of its time . . . TITANIC! This episode might enthrall you; it might even surprise you. We believe that having an expert providing details of this enormous ship certainly will enlighten you, the listener.

Ep. 5

Area 51

Spooky . . . Mysterious . . . Off limits . . . No one ever goes in, and no one ever comes out. . . You never know what you might find through the tightly secured gates. Are there aliens housed inside? Why is this such a top-secret base? Listen to this episode and become even more curious about alien-central.

Ep. 6

Viking History

Ruthless, brutal, warriors, and technological conquerors. These were the Vikings. Where were the Vikings from, and what was it about those goofy horned-helmets? Discover all of this and more in this episode of Things that make you go, “Hmmm. . .”

Ep. 7

The Demotion of Pluto to a Dwarf Planet

A Cinquain about Pluto

(The Planet)


Small, demoted

Orbiting, Rotating, Frowning

Rejected by the planets

Dwarf planet

Ep. 8

The History of Video Games

Video games make up a $179 billion world-wide industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have become even more popular with a $30 billion increase in sales. With consoles, computers, and tablets, and Smartphones, accessing video games has never been easier. But, when did video games begin? How popular were they? Who invented them? Why have they become such a phenomenon? Find out in this episode as we explore the history and obsession with video games and have an expert of his own company located in Germany.