Meet Us

Meet Gina:

Gina started with Gateway in October 2018. She has a history of dedication to students and making sure that they succeed. Her passion is helping adults achieve their educational dreams! Gina says, "I love watching and supporting the amazing life changes that can occur when our student's eyes are opened to their potential". When it comes to Career Navigators, there is no one better to work with than Gina.

To find out more about the GED program, email Gina!


Meet Alex:

Alex started his journey as a non-traditional student, studying with Kenton County Adult Education prior to becoming a student at Gateway in 2006. After earning his AA at Gateway in 2009, he went on to Northern Kentucky University to earn his Bachelor's degree in English. After graduating from NKU, he joined the Gateway team, and in the process, earned his Master's degree in English in 2015. Alex has been at Gateway since 2013 and has said that he "loves encouraging non-traditional students to go back to school and complete the credentials they've always dreamed of getting". Alex truly understands where you are starting from.


Meet Betsy:

Betsy is an experienced adult education provider and has a long list of accomplishments. Over the years, she has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students, find their way. Betsy earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH. She has been teaching adults at Gateway Community & Technical College for 19 years. Being the awesome Math teacher that she is, she actually claims to have hated math when she was younger, "but now I love algebra!" Betsy has a way of explaining math in a way that makes sense and is fun to learn!


Meet Jaime:

Jaime graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2007 with a B.A. in Philosophy and earned his Master's in History in 2013 from NKU. He began teaching History here at Gateway in 2013 and also working in Kenton County Adult Ed. shortly after. Jaime enjoys teaching a variety of subjects and helping our GED students move forward with their personal and academic goals.