Ignite Community Report

Community Report

We want you, as a community, to understand how our school is doing. This page was created in hopes of providing you with an easy to understand format that outlines our progress, initiatives, and facts about our school. Our goal is to create an educational process where our scholars learn at school and with our community. Please consider becoming a part of our educational process.

Who attends our school?

Demographics (2020-2021)

905 Scholars

386 Males

519 Females

Participating School Districts:

Boone County

Kenton County

Walton Verona Independent

Covington Independent

What are Ignite scholars learning?

Professional Habits

Scholars at the Ignite Institute receive instruction on how to be successful in their profession in addition to their academics. These skills are taught in conjunction with the content covered in their core courses and comprises 30% of their overall grade.


Functioning as part of a team and how to deal with difficult situations

Public Speaking

How to give a presentation, shake hands, look others in the eye, professional dress, and how to have a professional conversation


Thinking critically, formulating and excecuting a plan


Time management, study habits, work ethic, and organization

Scholars at Ignite explore their career interests and determine next steps based on the career paths they choose. Some scholars will need additional schooling before they begin work (College Preparatory Route), while other will recieve training when they begin working in their chosen career (Career Preparatory Route).

College Preparatory Route (75% of senior scholars in 2021)

Scholars choosing to pursue college after high school graduation are encouraged to do one or more of the following:

  • Take general education college courses while in high school (Dual Credit)

  • Meet Benchmark on the ACT

Scholars at the Ignite Institute prepare to take the ACT. These assessments have 4 areas; math, English, reading, and science. Scholars who are pursuing a college degree strive to meet benchmark in these 4 areas on the ACT.

The benchmarks for Kentucky are:





Ignite 11th graders meeting benchmark scores (2020-2021):





Career Preparatory Route (16% of senior scholars in 2020-2021)

Scholars who choose to go directly into the workforce must have a clearly defined pathway to attain a career with a livable wage. These scholars are encouraged to do the following while in high school:

  • Complete an industry recognized End of Program assessment in their career area (limited in 2020-2021 due to COVID)

  • Pass an Industry Certification required for the career they choose (limited in 2020-2021 due to COVID)

  • Take dual credit courses in the career field they choose

Dual Credit

The Ignite Institute hosts dual credit courses through Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More University, and Gateway Community and Technical College. Scholars completeing all requirements are able to earn an Associate's Degree through Gateway Community and Technical College

Dual Credit Statistics (2020-2021):

  • 464 scholars took one or more dual credit courses

    • 2 Freshman

    • 259 Sophomores

    • 122 Juniors

    • 81 Seniors

  • 8 Seniors earned an Associate's degree along with their High School Diploma


At the end of each semester, scholars at the Ignite Institute conduct research projects. These are presented in December and May to business members in our communities. These projects allow scholars to practice their "Professional Habits" skills as well as make business connections prior to high school graduation.

We are always looking for judges to give feedback to our scholars. If you are a community member and would like to judge projects for our scholars, please fill out the form listed here.


Seniors at Ignite are required to complete an academic internship. These internships are intended to allow scholars to experience working in the career pathway they explored in their courses at Ignite.

For the 2020-2021 school year:

  • 92 Scholars participated in an Academic Internships in the career areas listed below

    • 21% Design

    • 9% Computer Science

    • 15% Pre-Nursing

    • 25% Engineering

    • 5% Education

    • 26% Other Career Areas

Industry Certifications

Many scholars earn Industry Certifications before they leave high school. Ignite offers the following Industry Certifications:

  • NOCTI Biotechnology

  • Medicaid Nurse Aide

  • Certiport Digital Literacy IC3

  • Microsoft Technology Associate

  • Adobe Certified Associate

  • PRAXIS Core

  • Autodesk Inverntor Certified User

41 out of 60 Seniors earned an industry certification in the 2019-2020 school year.


Graduation Rate:

100% of Ignite Scholars graduated in the 2020-2021 school year.

Attendance Rate:

Ignite Scholars were present, on average, 96% of the school year.

How do Ignite scholars feel?

The Ignite Institute's motto of "Care First, Then Teach" allows us to view our scholars as people before students. We take a great interest in the social, emotional, and developmental growth of our scholars. The data presented below is from the Terrace Metrics survey, given in the 2019-2020 school year.


  • On a scale of 1 to 5, the Ignite student population scores a 2.58 on perceived isolation. This is not just at school, but in other facets of their life as well.

  • 0% of Ignite scholars report feeling bullied.


  • On a scale of 1(no scholars) to 24 (all scholars), the Ignite student population scores a 7.76 on levels of anxiety symptoms.

  • On a scale of 1(no scholars) to 27(all scholars), the Ignite student population scores a 7.48 on levels of depressive symptoms.


  • 82% of Ignite's student population reports feeling hopeful about the future.

  • 96% of Ignite scholars report having a positive school experience.

  • 84% of Ignite scholars indicate high levels of resiliency.

What is the quality of Ignite staff?

All Ignite educators are selected using dispositional based hiring practices. Our teachers are highly trained and truly put scholars first.

  • 14 Dual Credit Certified Teachers

  • 1 National Board Certified Teacher

  • 14 Educational Award Winning Teachers

  • An average of 13 years experience

  • 34 Teachers with Master's Degrees

  • 2 Teachers with Doctorate Degrees

  • 18 Teachers currently taking graduate courses

Ignite cares about ALL scholars.

The Ignite Institute is focused on helping ALL scholars, including those who face barriers.

Economic Barriers

  • 253 Scholars at Ignite qualify for financial assistance

  • All scholars recieve free breakfast and lunch

  • Scholars who are struggling financially can check out a chrome book for their school work.

  • Ignite solicits donated meals from charities in our community and distributes these during the holidays.

  • Ignite has a clothing closet to assist scholars who do not have business clothing for their presentations in December and May.


  • 86.1% of scholars are Caucasian

  • 779 Caucasian

  • 41 Hispanic/Latino

  • 1 American Indian

  • 26 Asian

  • 37 African American

  • 1 Native Hawiian

  • 20 Two or more races


  • Each college has a team of teachers that discuss scholars who are struggling and develop plans to meet their needs.

  • The Ignite Institute offers the ACT to all 10th graders to allow them to focus on weak areas before the ACT their junior year

How is the Ignite Institute funded?

The Ignite Insitute is a collaboration between Boone and Kenton County Schools, with other schools in the region.

  • Federal Perkins Grant

  • Local Area Vocational Educational Centers Funding (LAVEC)

  • Support Educational Excellence in Kentucky Funding (SEEK)

Dr. Randy Poe (Former Boone County Schools Superintendent) and Dr. Henry Webb (Kenton County Superintendent), were the founding superintendents of the Ignite Institute.

What makes the Ignite Institute Unique?

The Ignite Insitute is unique in many ways.

  • Whole person development

  • Junior year interviews

  • Each scholar has an adult advocate

  • Our motto is "care first, then teach"

  • We teach scholars how to be professionals and take leadership roles

  • Scholars get industry experience while in high school

  • Production days allow flexibility for scholar schedules

  • Scholars are scheduled in a cohort model to support rigorous relationships

  • Every senior participates in an academic internship

How does Ignite connect with the community/businesses?

Community/Business support is at the core of Ignite.

  • Internships

  • Field Trips

  • Guest Speakers

  • Mentors

  • Teacher Experiences

  • Research Presentation Judges (add a link to sign up)

We would love for your business to become involved at IGNITE.

Is our school safe?

Our school is safe and secure.

  • The Ignite Institute undergoes a yearly safety audit by the Office of State School Security.

  • The Ignite Institute always has a school resource officer on duty. Thank you to Deputy Don Taylor and Deputy Charlie Rolfsen for not only protecting our school, but for caring about our scholars!

Discipline information:

  • Our school averages 1.7 discipline referrals per MONTH.

What is working and what is not?

As you can imagine, we have learned a lot since our school opened in August of 2019. We have categorized our initiatives into Keep, Start, or Stop after evaluating their effectiveness. They are listed below.

  • Keep

    • Help sessions for scholars (remediation) on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    • Dual Credit Offerings

    • Mentoring/Adult Advocates (4th period teachers)

    • Production Days (4 flexible blocks of time for scholars to individualize their day)

    • Internships

  • Start

    • A defined pathway for an associate's degree (listed in the 2021-2022 curriculum guide)

    • Structured professional habits curriculum based on the needs of our local businesses. (Work began in the summer of 2021, implementation began in August of 2021)

    • More communication with parents

    • Adding more business and community partnerships

  • Stop

    • Using Summit Learning modules and have created our own course structures in Canvas

    • Accepting scholars on a "first come, first served" basis. The Ignite Institute acceptance committee created an acceptance procedure that allows all scholars to apply during our application time period. Scholar applications are not solely academic based to allow more equitable access to our programs.

"This program doesn't exist to make smart students smarter. It's to make every student better, no matter where you start"

-Ignite Scholar