edCampGR 2023

Join us on August 15 for EdCampGR, the most highly anticipated education conference of the year! Experience a day filled with unparalleled inspiration, collaboration, and growth opportunities that will revolutionize your teaching.

At EdCampGR, engage in thought-provoking discussions, interactive workshops, and hands-on sessions led by distinguished education experts and fellow passionate educators. 

Discover groundbreaking approaches, exchange insights, and acquire actionable takeaways to elevate your classroom practices. Earn 6 SCECHs (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) for your professional development portfolio, and be eligible to win exciting door prizes throughout the day. Plus, enjoy a complimentary delicious lunch to fuel your mind and body.

edCampGR will be held at Kent ISD's Educational Service Center in Grand Rapids, MI.

What is an edCamp?

An Edcamp is a type of professional development event for educators. It is organized and run by educators themselves, rather than by a school or district. Edcamps are typically informal, with no pre-determined schedule or set agenda. 

Instead, participants come together to discuss and share ideas about teaching and learning in an open, collaborative environment. The format is often referred to as an "unconference" because it is not planned out in advance like a traditional conference.