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Suggested Reading - Series Book List

2020 Suggested Summer Reading Series Book List

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all." — Jacqueline Kennedy

Susan Warnick, Librarian; swarnick@kentfieldschools.org

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“Show me a good children’s library and I’ll show you a good school!”

Susan Warnick

Reading Strategies

  • Sound out the word

  • Skip the word... Read the rest of the sentence to seeif you can figure out its meaning.

  • Look for words in words.

  • Use picture clues.

  • Ask for help.

  • Use a dictionary.

  • Ask questions.

  • Reread parts that are confusing.

  • Read ahead and go back.

  • Think about what you already know.

  • Use clues in the story-from pictures and sentences.

  • Think... What makes sense?

Resources for Conversations about Race:

Check out the extensive collection of books on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Bacich Library Catalog

“The Big UmbrellaBates

“Brown Girl Dreaming” Woodson

“The Other Side” Woodson

“The Day You Begin” Woodson

“Don’t Touch My Hair!” Miller

A Friendship for Today” McCkissack ( Chapter Book)

“Gold Dust” Lynch ( Chapter Book)

“Let’s Talk about Race” Lester

“Separate is Never Equal” Tonatiuh

“The Skin I’m In” Thomas

“Trading Goals” Kew ( Chapter Book)

“What Was the Underground Railroad?” McDonough

“The Crayon Box that Talked” DerRolf

“ Color of Us” Katz

“black is brown is tan” Adoff

“Whoever you are” Fox

“ Who Belongs Here?” Knight

"I Love My Hair!” Tarpley

“Shades of People” Rotner

“Two White Rabbits” Buitrago

“Saturday” Mora

“ Hurry Freedom” Stanley

“Night on a Neighborhood Street” Greenfield

“ Many Thousands Gone” Hamilton

“Uncle Jed’s Barber Shop” Mitchell

“ Freedom Summer” Wiles

"Henry’s Freedom Box” Levine

“One Crazy Summer” Williams (Chapter book)

“Mix it Up!” Tulliet

Talking to kids about racism