Management and Information Systems

We are part of the College of Business at Kent State University. You can find information on all our majors, programs, and faculty at the College of Business website. Here, you can find links to our intranet server, journal information, and syllabi archive.

Intranet Server

The college maintains a password protected Intranet Server where you can find information about FAC minutes and agenda

Journal Information

  • As part of the department handbook, and required for reappointment, tenure, and promotion (RTP) decisions, the department maintains a journal list with rankings.

  • The Department of Economics created a journal quality index (JQI) as a means of providing a transparent measure of evaluation of quality of journals that combines relevant and stated metrics into a single value. These values are updated every three years.


For a number of years, the department maintained copies of syllabi of past courses. A version of this data is still available at this link.