July 25 & 26, 2020

Kendo Canada National Seminar


About the event

Come together with Kendo friends from across Canada for the first-ever virtual Kendo Canada National Seminar hosted by the CKF.

The 20th Canadian National Kendo Championships scheduled for this summer were unfortunately postponed due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. In the hopes to foster community and continued development of our members, the CKF is hosting this national seminar to "Grow Stronger Together" through training and learning.

We have an amazing line-up of instructors over the 2 seminar days. Sessions will be on at-home-training, skills development, teaching techniques, and much more— there is something for everyone.

We are delighted to welcome All Japan Kendo Champion and Team Canada Advisor, Daiki Kiwada Sensei - 7 Dan Kyoshi as a keynote presenter. Kiwada Sensei will be leading the closing session on Sunday evening. Registration deadline is July 20th.

The seminar is free to attend for current CKF members. However, we welcome any donations of gratitude for this tremendous learning opportunity. Proceeds will go towards supporting future Canadian kendo events and initiatives. Donations of any amount can be made via Paypal (credit card accepted). Please ensure that your 2020 CKF dues are paid before registering.

two days of training, talks, and workshops


Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Taro Ariga, Kendo 7 Dan | Basics of Kendo

Motoki Asaoka, Kendo 7 Dan | Q&A for Higher Ranked Practitioners

Stephen Cruise, Iaido 7 Dan | Intro to Iaido

Kyle Lee, Kendo 6 Dan | Kendo for Juniors

Makiko Ara, Kendo 6 Dan | Girls & Women in Kendo

Shigemitsu Kamata, Kendo 7 Dan | Kendo Session

Virtual Social Meetup


Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Matthew Raymond, Kendo 7 Dan | Conditioning

Kim Taylor, Jodo 6 Dan | Intro to Jodo

Kenji Toida, Kendo 7 Dan | Suburi

Dean Ara, Kendo 7 Dan | 31 Principles I Live By

Daiki Kiwada, Kendo 7 Dan | Keynote Session

The goal of this event is to bring the Canadian kendo community together for continued learning and development.

Sunday Evening Keynote

The seminar is free for CKF members. Please ensure that your 2020 CKF dues are paid before registering. For non-CKF members of FIK affiliated national federations, we kindly ask for a donation paid electronically via PayPal (credit card accepted).