Concert Attire

At Kelso High School we pride ourselves in looking professional at every performance. Please understand that students might not be allowed to perform, and therefore their grade might be hindered, if they do not wear the required outfit.


The band program is switching its concert attire to ALL BLACK. If you are a returning student, you can still wear your old concert attire until you graduate. New students, however, should purchase the following:

  • Black dress shoes of your choice (NO black tennis shoes!)

      • Flats are preferred over heels

  • Black dress socks (tall, not short)

      • Not required if your dress shoes don't call for them (such as flats)

  • Black dress slacks or pants WITH black belt (if your pants have belt loops)

      • No Skirts, No Dresses

  • Black button up dress shirt, blouse, or other formal black top of your choice

  • Optional: Black Suit Coat or Blazer (optional, but recommended)

      • **Please make sure suit coats are black and not grey or pin striped.**

  • Optional: Black neck-tie or black bow-tie

Here are two examples of acceptable concert attire for band:


Please choose the option below that makes you feel most comfortable.

Show Choir & Scotts

  1. Black Sport Coat

    1. Option 1 from Target

    2. Option 2 from JCPenney

  2. White button-down dress shirt

  3. Choice of black formal wear on bottom

    1. black skirt (no shorter than fingertips, no longer than knees), close toed black flats, and opaque black tights

    2. formal black pant (no jeans), black belt, formal black shoes, formal black socks (no labels)

  4. Kelso sew-on patch provided by school

Concert Choir & Chamber Choir

Students will wear a choir robe provided by the school, and will wear one of two options underneath:

Option 1—black dress or skirt, black flats, and black tights

Option 2—black dress pants, black dress shoes, and black socks


Please choose the option below that makes you feel most comfortable.

Option 1: Full Suit w/ Matching Dress Shirt & Tie

  • Van Heusen No-Iron Lux Sateen Dress Shirt from JC Penny (Color: Blue Velvet). **Please make sure you buy the correct brand and color.**

Click here to order the required dress shirt.

  • L-39 Neck-Tie from Tie Outlet New York.

Click here to order the required neck tie.

  • Black Suit Coat w/ matching Black Dress Slacks of your choice. **Please make sure they are black and not grey or pin striped.**

  • Black Belt, tall Black Dress Socks, Black Dress Shoes of your choice. **No black tennis shoes.**

Option 2: Formal All-Black Dress Slacks and Formal Black Top