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Blizzard Bag Day-The KRMS Way

The Blizzard Bag Program at KRMS is done a bit differently from the elementary and high school way.

Our daily work has been created using a collaborative team effort of the KRMS staff. This year (2018-2019), instead of purchasing a book, we are using Newsela. Newsela is an instructional content platform that offers current articles for students. The benefits of using Newsela are many. Here are a few:

  • Newsela can present the same articles at varying lexile levels so students can read the articles at their level.
  • Newsela has activities contained in the articles (writing prompt and quiz) that can be edited by the teachers for a specific experience.
  • Newsela links to our Google accounts so students have just one login for easy access.
  • Newsela allows articles, writing prompts and quizzes to be printed if there is not Internet access.
  • Students can use the Read & Write for Google Chrome extension to have the Newsela article read to them.
  • Students and teachers read the same articles so that we can all have a common focus for our conversations. We believe that this method fits nicely with fulfilling our Blizzard Bag Learning Objectives.

The 2018-2019 Blizzard Bag Program General Instructions

  • Click here for Student Info Sheet.
  • Each student has been assigned a Blizzard Bag Facilitator.
  • Students should contact their Blizzard Bag Facilitator if they have questions regarding Blizzard Bag Assignments on a Blizzard Bag Day. This information was listed on the paper copy sent home with each student.
  • Email addresses for staff can be found here.
  • Students will use Google Classroom to complete assignments if they have access to technology.
  • Click here to view a tutorial on how to access Google Classroom.

Components of the Blizzard Bag Day

There are 5 activities or tasks for each blizzard bag day. Some tasks have more than one element. This year, students and teachers will be working together online using Google Classroom and Newsela.

We have very specific Learning Objectives for a Blizzard Bag Day. See the checklist below.


Curriculum Help needed on a BB Day: Contact your Blizzard Bag Facilitator (Email Directory)

Admin Questions on a BB Day: Contact the Assistant Principal - Ms. Costanzo (

Tech Support needed on a BB Day: Contact Mrs. Pre (

Connection to

School Board Goals

The KRMS Blizzard Bag Program connects to the School Board Goals. Outlined below is the School Board's Goal 3 which is related to technology. Our program relies heavily on technology and seeks to empower our students to take responsibility for their learning.

Goal 3: KRSD will, through effective integration and utilization employ technology to improve student learning and communication.

Technology is ubiquitous. Through the use of 21st Century technologies, KRSD will engage, educate, and empower students to take responsibility for their learning, cultivate global perspectives, and acquire technology fluencies to thrive in a dynamic future. Students will use technology to construct and apply knowledge, to collaborate, create and share innovative solutions to challenging real world issues.