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Pre-Season Soccer and Field Hockey Practice will be August 21, 22, 23 at the KRMS fields from 4:00-6:00pm

KRMS Practice Schedule

KRMS Coaches for Sports

Fall Programs

Soccer~Girls' A Team: Coach David Smith

Soccer~Girls' B Team:

Soccer-Girls' C Team: Coach Hilary Grimes

Soccer~Boys' A Team: Coach Nate Heath

Soccer~Boys' B Team: Coach Sean Vincent

Soccer-Boys' B Team: Coach Josh Meachen

Field Hockey~Girls' A Team: Coach Koreen Bennett

Field Hockey~Girls' B Team: Coach Melissa Crowe

Cross Country Team: Coach Eileen Corley, Coach Laura Munroe

Golf Club: Coach Lisa Cicoria

Winter Programs

Ski Team: Coach Andrew Young, Coach Kiera Farmer

Basketball~Girls' A Team: Coach Robert Zielinski

Basketball~Girls' B Team: Coach Ian Feller

Basketball~Boys' A Team: Coach Chris Boucher

Basketball~Boys' B Team: Coach Evan Beals

"Spirit" Dance Team: Coach Kim Rowley

Spring Programs

Track & Field-Coaches: Dave Smith, Eileen Corley, Laura Munroe

Softball~Girls' Team: Coach Scott Palmer

Baseball~Boys' A Team: Coach Ian Feller

KRMS Sports Programs

KRMS Athletic Programs