Welcome to Kearney High School's Data Profile! You are invited you to take a tour of this site to learn about our school. Kearney High School has over a 100 year history and in that time, we have produced exceptional students who are leaders in a variety of industries. We are a comprehensive high school that offers a robust curriculum and our goal is to prepare students for life readiness, post-secondary education, and careers. Additionally, Kearney High School is accredited through AdvancED.

Kearney High School was one of the first Nebraska schools to be recognized as an Outstanding Secondary School by the U.S. Department of Education. We consistently score above the state and national averages on the ACT test and we have been named to the Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Roll on numerous occasions for opening up doors to rigorous curriculum opportunities for students.

The purpose of the site is to provide communication to stakeholders with an accurate description of who we are as it relates to...

1). Social / Emotional Development:

Stakeholders will assist students in the development of their awareness and understanding of personal, social and academic learning specific to developmental needs. The intention is for all students to attain the skills to be self aware, self manageable, be responsible decision makers, build relationship skills and be socially aware. All stakeholders will be safe, respectful and responsible.

2). College and Career Readiness:

At Kearney High School, we will deliver a targeted educational model that focuses on a robust college and career education program for all students.

3). Collaborative Teaching and Learning Communities:

Faculty will develop and participate in a collaborative teaching community to improve instruction and student learning.

These three core tenants are supported in the Kearney Public Schools Strategic Plan, AdvancED (accreditation) / AQuESTT (accountability) processes and in our Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS).