Easily Bored.

Always Curious.

Restless Hands.

Excess Energy.

Up for a Challenge.

Part of what makes me what I am. All of the above has contributed to me following a zig-zag path that has taken me around the world and plunked me down in Northern California. A truly inspiring place to live and create.

I love the extremes in life. This is reflected in my work. Clean lines. . .or fluid organic shapes. Not much in the middle.

Making tables grew out of my training and career in Interior Architecture. A bit of frustration with what I saw commercially led me to begin creating my own pieces. I love making ceramic pieces and incorporating them in the tables. And creating other interesting ceramics, and then fulfilling my passion for painting with cold wax and oil. Do you see the winding path here?

Not sure what is around the bend. . .but I am ready for it to spur my creative juices.