Using the printers

Encode your card for the printers

  • At the beginning of each year you will get a new Photo ID Card
  • Login to the printer using the Username & Password fields
  • Press OK. DO NOT press Login
  • Swipe your card through the card reader with the stripe facing left.
  • You will get a message to say if you have been successful or not.

Print from a school device

  • Go to Print on your device.
  • Find the Printer you want
    • Black only (4c a page) Follow_Me
    • Colour (9c a page) Follow–Me–Colour
  • Press Print to send your job to the printer.

collect your printing from the Follow_me printers

Student use Follow_Me printers can be found in the Library, the Art Dept, Technology & H3. Please be quiet if there are classes in those rooms.

  • Login to the printer using your swipe card or username & password.
  • Use the Release button (on the left of the screen)
  • Highlight the document you want printed.
  • Press the Start Button.

If your document is not there go back to your computer to fix it.

Print directly from the printer

Log on to the printer

For a regular size A4 or A3 document

  • Place your document on the top document feeder COPY SIDE UP ⇧
  • Use the settings to change 1 sided / 2 sided, page size and colour.
  • Enter the number of copies you need using the number keys.
  • Press START

For irregular paper or books

  • Open the lid
  • Place your copy document on the glass COPY SIDE DOWN ⬇︎
  • Place your document according to the paper size and direction markings on the edges. Strange paper sizes do not work. Place the part of the book you are not printing away from the glass.
  • You may have to tell the machine the correct paper size to use with the Change Tray Settings.
  • Enter the number of copies you need using the number keys.
  • Press START

using the Teacher's Code

  • Enter the code in the ID box using the number keys
  • Press Login
  • Press List
  • Select the correct department from the list and …
  • … Press OK twice
  • Proceed to copy using the instructions above.

Scan and send to your email

  • Login as usual
  • Press the Fax/Scan button
  • Select the E-Mail Me button
  • Copy as usual
  • It will scan your document as a .tiff. Please ask for directions if you need a PDF.
  • Your document will arrive in your Inbox in your email.

Printing from a BYOD device

  • Instructions to come