B'Kavod בכבוד

Training, Consultation & Resources For Safe Respectful Jewish Workplaces

B'Kavod, or with respect, is a partnership of the Good People Fund and the Jewish Women's Foundation of New York to help Jewish communal institutions and all who work, learn or worship at them develop cultures of safety, respect and fairness. We offer training and policy development as well as reporting and helpline services.

Training הדרכה

Our certified trainers are available to work with your staff and board, offering legally compliant training to supervisors, employees, volunteers and organizational leadership. This program has been developed specifically for Jewish communal organizations and covers interactions among all stakeholders: staff, board, volunteers, interns, donors, congregants and program participants. Our trainers are certified and supported by Fran Sepler, designer of the EEOC Safe Respectful Workplace program.

To learn more about our trainings click here. To request training for your organization click here.

Policies מדיניות

Our Building Safe Respectful Jewish Organizations program provides an opportunity for schools, synagogues, local and national agencies to engage thoughtfully around the intersection of policies and culture. This three-month program begins with a daylong workshop for leadership teams from each organization. They spend the morning learning about high-performance work cultures, from the practical to the philosophical. In the afternoon they use a specially designed planning tool with guidance from a process coach to start planning for improved policies, effective procedures and communication to internal and external stakeholders. They receive expert coaching during a three-month implementation period which concludes with training for their entire board and staff. The first two cohorts of the program include twenty-four organizations.

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Communication תקשורת

We all have valuable information and experiences to share with one another. You can keep apprised and involved by joining our (sporadic) e-list and Facebook group.

Resources מקורות

We've developed resources and materials you can use today. Please watch our webinars on preventing donor harassment and #MeToo for Rabbis, read articles about harassment in fundraising and at Jewish communal organizations. Review selections from our survey and view phenomenal presentations about harassment prevention. Perform a self-assessment to evaluate your organization and review checklists and guides designed by the EEOC.

Reporting דיווח

Our community reporting system collects information - anonymously and confidentially - about harassment and misconduct related to Jewish communal institutions. That information is reviewed and if action is needed it's taken. It works. To make a report go to BeKavod.org/reporting

Assistance עזרה

Do you work, volunteer, or participate in the Jewish community? Do you believe you’ve experienced or witnessed harassment or other gender-identity-based misconduct in a Jewish communal context, whether as an employee, a student, a volunteer, a congregant, a program participant or any other role? Our Infoline can provide basic information and assistance from a Jewish communal professional trained in harassment prevention with counseling experience. To make an appointment go to BeKavod.org/infoline