Memorial Arches

Some years ago in the era of earthquake danger hysteria, it was considered the archway likely to collapse, so it was decapitated. A change in roading meant that Tyne Street became a cul-de-sac, and the old "memorial archway" is now only a back entrance. The adjacent entry in Wright Street is now the main entrance. Because of this change of layout the existing marble memorial plaques were carefully removed from the old site and installed on a new memorial wall at the new entrance — Wright Street, Roslyn.

The architect believes that by using light weight metal which could be perforated with images of the original school, ex service men or names of the fallen we could bring the Tyne St entrance back to its former glory.

New school layout

The war memorial and steps are on Tyne St and the current school bell will be relocated to this area so that all of the historical aspects of the school are in one place.