minecraft education edition

What is it? Is it more than just a video game? How will we use this tool in education and tie it to curriculum standards?

I'm sure almost all of you have heard of the game Minecraft, but you may not know much about it. In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, 3D world with virtually infinite terrain and may discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures, earthworks, and machines.

Minecraft Education Edition takes those concepts and allow teachers to assign, construct, and host assignments within Minecraft. Why? Students can explore, build, create, and edit their work as a 3D model either individually or collaboratively, use math and science concepts while working on projects, understand and explore with purpose thanks to embedded accessibility features, and feel safe doing so in a secure environment.

How will Washington use this tool?

Washington Elementary's related arts program is piloting Minecraft Education Edition in Kingsport City Schools. Howard Dale, the visual arts teacher, is a Microsoft Minecraft Education certified teacher and will utilize this tool in our large-group enrichment lessons, focusing on STEM and PBL enrichment projects.

An example: Students are studying the Everglades National Park during our National Parks studies. Students discover that 1/3 of all south Floridians rely on the Everglades to provide fresh drinking water.

The STEM/PBL Task: Design and create a water filtration prototype for this swamp biome. It must be made to blend into the environment and not disrupt the lives of the local fish and wildlife.

Minecraft Education Edition: Mr. Dale creates a swamp biome in Minecraft Education Edition and assigns it (along with in-game instructions) to students with the challenge of creating a 3D model of their prototype in a swamp biome. Students can then record a Flip video tour of their creations and receive peer feedback and related arts teachers can use the recorded tour as summative assessment.

How have other schools used minecraft education?

See how schools across Northern Ireland are using Minecraft Education Edition to teach STEM lessons.

Cherokee County School District introduced Minecraft: Education Edition to K-12 teachers as part of a small pilot in 2017. Now nearly 100 teachers across the district are using the game-based learning platform in their classrooms from pre-K to high school AP classes.

Media specialist Jennifer Lewis developed this science lesson for her first grade students. Watch how they learn the concepts of artificial and natural light, and then use redstone to build circuits in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Watch educator Tiffany Wilson from Cherokee Country School District teach food chains and energy transfer to her fourth grade students. Students use Minecraft: Education Edition to explore biomes, research ecosystems and design models of food chains.

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Millions of students are learning with Minecraft: Education Edition around the world, in history and math classes, summer camps and coding programs, at home and in school.

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