Gale Database: Student Resources in Context

  • Offers background information on specific elements of peer tutoring.
  • Helpful keywords:
    • language acquisition
    • online tutoring (see the academic journals)
    • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    • body language

Gale Database: Expanded Academic ASAP

  • Peer reviewed journals.
  • Use the advanced search feature (plus button in the black band) and select the keyword search from the drop down menu.
  • Helpful keyword combinations:
    • peer tutoring
    • strategies
    • high school
    • achievement

Writing Websites with Professional or Peer Reviewed Materials

  • The National Writing Project - Teaching Writing Page
    • Helpful for topics on teaching the craft of revision, genre-specific writing, etc.
  • Peer Tutoring Resource Center - Research Page
    • Make sure you click the next button on the bottom of the page to access research on additional topics, such as: social emotional learning, school climate, high school, learning disabilities and more. There are three pages of research links.
  • Archives of the Writing Lab Newsletter
    • Use the search feature within the site. It will pull up related items from the archives. Use keywords from your topic to search efficiently. Specific volume numbers with related content will appear on the results page. The first search results will point to advertisements; scroll past these to see actual the actual list.
  • Archives of Praxis
    • Click on articles and determine whether a title matches your topic. Use Ctrl F to search the titles for keywords.
  • Archives of the Dangling Modifier
    • The search feature on this site is not that efficient. Search this site through Google Advanced Search. Once you are on the Google Advanced Search page, enter your keywords and the general website link:
  • Google Advanced Search
    • Try "peer tutoring" as this exact word or phrase.
    • Use additional keywords such as: ESL or ESOL or ELL in the any of these words field.
  • Google Scholar
  • Use the advanced features (see suggestion above). Helpful keywords:
    • Peer tutoring program
    • Peer tutoring strategies
    • Peer tutoring in... (i.e math, science, English, etc.)
    • Learning spaces

Citing Your Sources