Welcome to the Monticello High School Counseling Department

Our goal is to help students on their journey through high school in regards to academics, career exploration, and personal and social counseling. Our counselors and counseling staff help with class schedules, provide academic support and guidance and assist with college and career planning. View our full mission and philosophy here.

Monticello High School Counselors

IrvinJohnsonDirector & AVID Counselor
ChelseaSamarStudent Last Name A - C
AdrianMartinezStudent Last NameD - Hod
Laura GaskinsStudent Last NameHoe - Mel
AdamSouthallStudent Last NameMem - Sea
BrittanyGentryStudent Last NameSeb - Z

Monticello High School Counseling Staff

Katie BledsoeCareerSpecialist
ConnieJenkinsCounseling Office Assistant
SharonMacDougallDatabase Administrator
JoeWeaverFamily Services Coordinator
Chris CochranStudent Assistant Provider

Leta Johnson - 504 Coordinator

Bre Lundgren - Mental Health Specialist

Jennifer Timms - Interventionist/SBIT Coord.

Melissa Hankins - SOL Test & AP Coordinator

John Kinney - Special Education Chairperson

Teresa Goodin - Talent & Gifted Resources