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Teens seeking employment often think of restaurants and retail stores. While these are good choices, other options exist. Part-time job opportunities are varied and include cashiers, servers, clerks, merchandise stockers, housekeepers and personal-care aides. No matter what part-time job an ambitious teen chooses, it will offer strategic skills and experience valuable in future employment.

Job & Experience Board

This board houses current opportunities local companies and organizations have reported out to our school. This is being updated regularly so continue to come back and see what's avaialble.

Job & Experience Board for ACPS Teens (Responses)
Disclaimer: Understand that the school is unable to screen individuals who offer employment and it is your responsibility to make sure that a job is appropriate for your student

Job Search Engines

If you do not find a position that interests you listed in the job board above, use the other three search engines to see what is out there for you.

VA Deparment of Labor & Industry Youth Employment Certification

(formerly Worker's Permit)

In Virginia, all 14-15 year old workers in Virginia are required to obtain an Employment Certificate (Work Permit). Since 2009, the school system no longer has an active role in this process. Children and their parents will no longer need to visit their local schools to have an Issuing Officer sign their paperwork. Go to the VA DOLI Youth Employment Certification (formerly Worker's Permit) Application Instructions website to learn more.

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