What's New??? Essentially, it's all new! Some of the videos are from some info we put out years ago and some is from the Youth Parent Clinics we put on last winter.

If you're looking for a place to start, try out Building Arm Strength in Youth Players. This throwing program is a scaled down model of what we do with our high school guys. We did it for four weeks with two 8 year olds and saw stretch out (long toss) distance increase on average 29 feet and velocity increase on average 2 miles per hour in three different categories including pitching velocity.

If you want something new with hitting, try Training with Implements (make sure to click on the links in the titles for some examples!).

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The Mission of "From the Dugout"

We have tremendous young people and parents, a fantastic Little League and youth coaches, and so many great organizations in our area to help develop young people. We also love and appreciate how many parents reach out to us wanting to know more, to learn, and to find information on how best to help their children and youth teams develop. We hope to be a baseball resource for parents, youth coaches, leaders, and community builders for our kids. It is not our intention to tell you how to coach your kids or your teams. Rather, we will try to make you aware of some of the things we do and resources we use, as well as give some thoughts, ideas, and insights into our Program.

Questions / Comments

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