7th Grade Life Science

Feel free to email me at kevin.militello@k12.sd.us if you have any problems at all. We will get through this together.

My name is Kevin Militello and this will be my fourth year teaching all of them here at Douglas Middle School. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a Master's in Secondary Education. I started off in my career investigating new bio fuel sources, but life doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes the only way to realize your true path is to take the long way around. I am so excited to share with you and your family my fascination of the living world and the mysteries and wonders it contains.

During our time together, your student will explore how life science impacts their daily lives and why it matters to them. They will examine case studies, processes, and numerous phenomena to make real, lasting connections with the material we will learn about this year.

Above, you will find links and pages that will be useful to you and your student during the school year. Please feel free to contact me anytime at the number below if you have any questions or concerns. Look at the schedule to the right, if I am in class, please leave a detailed message or send me an email instead

605-923-0050 ext.1286


Daily Schedule 2022-2023

1st Hour - 8:00 - 8:49 (49)

2nd Hour - 8:53 - 9:42 (49)

**3rd Hour - 9:46 - 10:35 (49)

4th Hour - 10:39 - 11:28 (49)

Homeroom- 11:28 - 11:58 (30)

Lunch- 11:58 - 12:28 (30)

5th Hour - 12:29 - 1:18 (49)

6th Hour - 1:21 - 2:10 (49)

7th Hour - 2:14 - 3:05 (51)

**My planning hour and the best time to contact me by phone