Uniting Peer Learning, Integrating New Knowledge

Kealakehe Intermediate School

Welcome to our After School Distance Learning Program.

We offer a few enrichment classes & tutoring during this time away from school.

Tutoring will be available daily in the morning and the afternoon.

Student Check-in (Please complete before you start your class or tutoring session)

Before you start any class; remember to check in and enter your student information and select the class that you are attending. You can do this by clicking the STUDENT SIGN IN LINK HERE or click the tab in the right hand corner of your screen.


With this as the last week of school; this will be the last week of Afterschool Programs for the school year. If you are interested in participating in our Summer Program, please select the option above to be directed to the site.



We have Tutors available to assist you with any questions or support you need. If you want to learn more about navigating through the school Learning Distance website; check in with one of our tutors. If you need help with any of the enrichment assignments from your teachers; check in with one of our tutors.

Click below to see the weekly schedule of tutors available.

Morning tutoring is from 7am -8am. Afternoon tutoring is from 3:30pm - 5:30pm.

A list of Teachers that will be available to assist during Tutoring:

1. Ms. Hurley 4. Ms. Polina

2. Mrs. Zender 5. Ms. Stephanie Oandasan

3. Mr. Freitas



Mr. Robinson

KIS Game Club

Mr. Kahakua, Mr. Ben,

Ms. Stephanie


Ms. Pam Hurley


Ms. Hersey Damson


Ms. Karen Foster

About UPLINK: What are our program goals?

  • To communicate to you core concepts of leadership development based on the 5 C's:

    • 1. Competence 2. Confidence 3. Character 4. Connections 5. Contribution

  • To provide an after-school program environment that is supportive for all students.

  • To provide opportunities for students to complete their homework each day and strengthen their academic standing

  • To strengthen the connections among the school, families and community

  • To provide opportunities for students to become physically fit

  • To provide opportunities for students to achieve and be recognized


PROGRAM DATES: June 3, 2020 thru July 1, 2020 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES will vary between 8am - 12pm, Monday thru Friday.

We will be offering Enrichment classes for our 2020 Summer Program. All classes will be virtual (online) and require students to have a Laptop and Internet connection. More information about course offerings and schedules will be posted this Friday 5/22/20. Registration will open up on 5/22/20 and be available for sign-ups through 5/30/20.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can send an email to ellen_gay.tupou@k12.hi.us.

Online registration will be available starting 5/22/20.

Kealakehe Intermediate Afterschool Program - U.P.L.I.N.K.

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