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Feb 9, 2023 Edition

Warrior Sports Update:

Boys Soccer: Warriors defeat Kaiser to advance against #2 Iolani today on Oahu

 By MJ Ellazar, Ka leo Sports Editor

The Warrior boys soccer team defeated OIA playoff team Kaiser Monday afternoon 3-2 in double overtime at Warrior field to advance against the best team in the state #2 Iolani on Oahu.  The game today will be at 3 pm on Field #7 of the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Complex.  Let's go Warriors!!!!  For the latest updates, check the Kaleo for scores.

Girls Soccer: Warriors girls end their strong season at the state tournament

 By Ka Leo sports staff

The Warrior girls competed at the Hawaii state tournament last week, but were defeated by Punahou 5-2 on Feb. 2 and then lost on Feb. 3 to King Keaulike 3-1, ending a successful regular season as the BIIF Champion.  We are proud of you!

Girls Basketball: Waiakea hoopsters end successful season at the state championships

  By Ka Leo sports staff

The Warrior girls competed at the Hawaii state championships last week, but were beaten by Campbell 64-53 in the quarterfinals, defeated Maui in the consolation bracket 72-56, then lost to Lahainaluna 58-56.  We are proud of you!

Warrior Basketball Senior reflects on his final season at Waiakea

 by MJ Ellazar

The 2022-23 Waiakea High School boys basketball team ended their successful season by placing 3rd in the BIIF.   Leading the Warriors will be Senior Captain Nicholas Ryder Cabreros.  We asked him several questions reflecting on this year's team and his future.


 Congratulations on a good season.  How do you feel it went?  So what is the playoff situation?  What does the team have to do next?

Thank you!! I feel we played great tonight, it was an intense game because Hilo has been our rivalry team. We will be playing Kamehameha on Monday night, who’s also a tough team. Our team will do well if we play as we did last night, work on our rebounds and box out.

How does it feel to be a senior captain for this year’s team?  What were some important roles that you played as a leader?

It’s an honor being senior captain this year. I never thought I had strong leadership but my team is easy to work with. I depend on them alot, especially the Seniors. Some important roles that I played is scoring points and playing defense. I also feel I encouraged them to play hard.

Are you hoping to continue and play basketball in college?

I would like to continue to play basketball in college but if I don’t, playing basketball throughout my childhood has taught me so much life lessons such as working together as a team and overcoming obstacles.

What advice would you give underclassmen, especially the JV  athletes?  How do you feel as a role model for them?

My advice to my JV team is to enjoy the ride!! I can’t believe I’m already a senior. Covid really took a hit on me and my fellow seniors, I feel we missed out on alot of High School basketball.  I remember being a freshman playing with seniors like Kia’i Apele. Not only was he an awesome athlete, he always encouraged and cheered for every single one of us on the team. 

I hope I was a good role model for them but I’m not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes this season.

Junior Country Fair this Saturday!

*Deadline extended to Feb. 24 for online purchases* (includes small servicing fee)

*Deadline extended to Feb. 28 for in-person purchases*  recess / lunch / afterschool - D201 (Mr. Jacintoʻs class)

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Valentines Corner!  What do you want for Valentines?

We've surveyed WHS students to find out

By Keawe Kamehaiku

     During the week of Feb 1 - 7, www.kaleokekoa.com conducted a poll among Warrior students to find out what gift they wanted to Valentines Day

     Here are the results

We celebrate Valentines Day next week Tuesday

By Dylan Sasahara

The origins of Valentine's Day, like many of our Western holidays like Christmas and Easter also has Christian beginnings.  What is it? Valentine's day originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. The first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496 AD. It was originally a Roman festival in the middle of February. 

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s day? We celebrate it because it has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. We use this day as a day to honor love and friendship between two people.

How do we celebrate it?  There are many ways.  For one, we send cards or letters to someone. But as we get older it can go to buying that person flowers and chocolates. As we get older and then we get to be adults, it can also means buying your significant other jewlery and other things to show your love.  Another common thing to do, but less expensive, is to buy chocolates and stuffed animals.  So, next week, if there is someone special in your life, make sure you send something special.

Valentines Day isn't just for couples; surprise a friend

By Paisley Menino

 As you should know Valentine's day is coming up. Now when we hear  valentines day we think of couples, flowers, and love. But maybe it doesnʻt have to just be about that. Let’s make it a day to show kindness and to show support to your friends. You're probably thinking why though?  You should because some people just may not get the affection that others get. So being a great friend and to be there just for them would be a kind way to make their day.

     Some examples of things you could give your friend could be their favorite candy or their favorite flowers. You could even write them a little note to talk about how much you appreciate them, and if not that, then a simple hug could even make their day.  Some of you may not notice but some of the smallest things people do could make someone's day or just even make their day a little better.  And in the end, you also may not know what someone else is going through as well, so just try your best to show kindness this Valentines Day.

      This Valentines Day try to be a good friend and show or tell your friends how you feel about them.  Also just be there for your friends, because you never know if that person feels by themselves.   Have a great Valentines Day to all the couples AND friends.

Warrior Club Corner - Club of the Month:  DECA

By Eli Funai

     Every month until May, www.kaleokekoa.com will feature one or two Waiakea High School clubs who are reaching out doing great things to promote our school and community. For the month of February, the DECA organization of Waiakea High School has been exemplary in their activities.

     DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Though this isn’t a service club, DECA has been one of the busiest groups on campus. They have been working on running two of their businesses, DECA Banner Inc and Warrior Outfitters. In DECA Banners, they printed banners for students and faculty of Waiakea High School (Soccer and Swim Team Senior Posters) and Hawaii State DECA events. In Warrior Outfitters they designed Waiakea themed merchandise which they are preparing to launch in the spring in partnership with Sports Line. 

     DECA Buddies - They teach and interact with elementary school students. For the month of February, on February 6th, they plan on doing some valentines themed arts and activities. 

     Last week they traveled to Oahu from February 1st-3rd to participate in DECA CDC (Career Development Conference) which is a competition with various events that involves a career cluster exam and two role-plays with a judge in the business industry. There, they are able to interact and network with various individuals from around the state.

     Congratulations DECA!

Health column:  Sleep Deprivation

Studying all night won't help you in the long run

By Jasmine Rehmert

Health Academy Columnist

   If you’re a student– or even a teacher– in the public school system, there is a strong likelihood that you’ve had a good taste of mild to extreme sleep deprivation. It’s a part of the experience! 

     Several sources, including a study supported by the CDC(1), have found that in 2015, a large range of students ranging from middle school to high school reported insufficient sleep.There are many underlying causes to this; school assignments, exam times, even just hanging out with friends or committing yourself to a hobby, are all likely contributors to the lack of sleep. Given there has been little notable change, at least in public schools, it is reasonable to assume these statistics have probably remained unchanged– possibly even risen in number due to the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (2), personal electronic devices (phones, laptops, etc) emit a type of light that causes the body to remain at certain levels of alertness, which impedes sleep. 

     As it is, many of us have probably tried our hardest not to fall asleep in the middle of the school or workday at least once– even with caffeine and other stimulants to help. In fact, a cognitive health article by William D.S. Killgore (3) claims that despite the use of stimulants, some cognitive abilities remain at lower levels of function– suggesting that sleep deprivation may have higher consequences than simply lower attention spans or processing speeds. This same study observes that many cognitive functions with any complexity are likely worsened through sleep deprivation due to the lack of alertness.

     You might be reading this and think: Well, that’s nice– but what does this mean? 

     Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that affects the cognitive functions of a large number of people, including a large number of students, who require these cognitive functions to do well in school, and this is ignoring the long term effects of continuous sleep deprivation! It may feel like a rite of passage to tell your friends “I had to stay up until 3 am studying to pass that test,” but the chance that you’ve retained any knowledge past the bare minimum is low. This is an issue that must be addressed on a larger scale, including reforming school policies– allowing students sufficient sleep could improve academic success. But you can put in the effort to keep your brain working at its best as well! 

     Very rarely is homework or a school exam ever worth staying up so late for. The chances of you doing well in class or work are extremely low if you consistently stay up late enough to get sleep deprived. Take breaks when possible, and remember the recommended amount of sleep for adults is 8-10 hours! That is a lot! Given the way our lives are scheduled, it almost seems unreasonable, but you should still try your best to sleep when you can. Your brain is a precious organ that should be maintained. Take afternoon naps if necessary, and try to stay away from distractions before bedtime. It sounds like a health concern that won’t impact you, but take it from someone who lived on 4 hours of sleep per day for a few months– it definitely impacts you. 

Don't hold your gas; let it go!

By Arthur Chow

     Sometimes it's hard to talk about things we are mostly uncomfortable with.  One of those things is how we discharge bodily gas.  Yes, that word.  How many times have you farted in your life? Likely a lot. So why does it happen? What determines how loud it is? And why does it smell?  In reality, this bodily function is more important that you realize.

     There are two main sources of farts. The first is because when eating, you swallow tiny amounts of air. The air accumulates in your digestive tract and eventually you release it just as you would defecate the remains of what you eat. Chewing gum, drinking soda or other carbonated drinks, and eating or drinking too quickly increases the amount of air that you swallow. The second is the accumulation of gas from food that is not easily digested. Commonly eaten food that falls into this category include most vegetables (yes, including beans), some fruits, foods high in certain sugars (namely fructose and sorbitol), and processed foods (such as cereal, bread, and bacon). These foods have to be digested by bacteria in your colon, which produce gas as a byproduct. So when you fart, you release the gas in your digestive system.

      So what would happen if you held in all that gas? Well, research into farts is quite limited. However, studies suggest that holding it in for too long could lead to pain, discomfort, and digestive problems.

     The volume of your fart is determined by three factors. The first is how much gas you will pass; the more gas is passed, the louder the resulting fart is. The second is how much force is used to expel the gas; more force means a louder fart. The third is how big your anus is, specifically the orifice (hole) you use to defecate; the smaller it is, the louder the fart will be since there is less room for the gas to leave the body.

     The odor of your fart depends mostly on what you eat. Beans, certain vegetables (cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and a few others), grains, meat, and eggs are examples of high-sulfur food. Sulfur tends to have a smell similar to rotten eggs, so eating them will create smellier farts. Foods that are hard to digest can also create smelly farts. However, it could also just be your body. The bacteria in someone’s gut might naturally create gas that smells more gross than normal. In worst-case scenarios, it could even be the result of infections in your digestive system if your farts are almost always smelly.

     You may feel that you shouldn’t fart after reading this article. However, you fart without knowing pretty much 99% of the time anyway! Those farts don’t make much noise and don’t let out much. However, when you feel you have to fart, it’s better to let it out than to hold it in.

Warrior Alumni Spotlight: 

 Ms. Shannon Okinaka - Class of 1992

Waiakea High Graduate Shannon Inouye Okinaka is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Hawaiian Airlines.  Kaleo reporter Paisley Menino interviews Ms. Okinaka about her years at Waiakea High School, about her favorite teacher, and how it feels helping to run one of Hawaii's largest and most important companies.


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