Design Consultant References

GRCC - Screen v1.1.pdf

General Requirements for Consultant Contracts

July 2018

AG 103D General Conditions revised 10-17-13.pdf

AG-008 103D General Conditions (Consultant Contract Terms)

October 2013

Consultant Checklist for FINAL Dwgs and Specs (1.23.2023 mt).pdf

Consultant Checklist for Final Drawings and Specifications

January 2023

Breakdown of Fee April 2023.xlsx

Breakdown of Fee (Template)

April 2023

Contract Completion Notice.docx

Contract Completion Notice

January, 2023

Direct Salary Rates for Professional Services Memo.pdf

Direct Salary Rates for Professional Services

October 3, 2022

Addendum Sample.pdf

Addendum Sample

PCD - Narrative - SAMPLE.pdf

Post Contract Document Sample (PCD)

As-built guidlines.pdf

As-built Guidelines

FMB Design Guidelines P&P Draft 210514 rev1CS (1).docx

Facilities Maintenance Branch (FMB) Design Guidelines - Draft

May 14, 2021

Master Mechanical Equipment List Xcel Form 2.10.22.xlsx

Mechanical Equipment List

February 2022

Mechanical Project Review Checklist.(2021.03.05) (1).docx

Mechanical Design Guidelines - Draft 

March 5, 2021

Electrical Upgrade Scope (Oct 2021 edit).pdf

Electrical Upgrade Scope 

October 2021

Fire Alarm Upgrade-Replacement Guidelines (02-15-21) (1).pdf

Fire Alarm Design Guidelines - Draft

February 15, 2021

HIDOE Telecom Specifications Rev. 1.1.2019 (1).pdf

HIDOE Telecom Specifications 

January 1, 2019

Preschool Draft Interim EDSPEC Guidelines (2-2020).pdf

Preschool Design Guidelines - Draft

Feb 2020

2012 HICHPS_v1.1_with bookmarks.pdf

Hawaii Collaborative for High Performance Schools (HI-CHPS)

2012 Edition, v1.1

GIS Resource Map HOWTO_May2021.pdf

GIS Resource Map

May 2021

Covered Playcourts FADS reqts 1-13-21.pdf

Covered Playcourts FADS Requirements - Draft

January  13, 2020 

BBS6_FMB Arborist, 11-5-19.pdf

FMB Arborist Guidance - Draft

November 5, 2019

2021 HIDOE JOC Program Training Manual_Sep2021.pdf

HIDOE JOC Program Training Manual


EDSPECS for Elementary Schools

January 2008


EDSPECS for Middle Schools

March 2006


EDSPECS for High Schools

December 2006

Lead Surveys