FAQ's about Latin Mass

Does an extraordinary form Mass ("Latin Mass") fulfill my Sunday obligation?

Yes! Attending an extraordinary form Mass on a Sunday fulfills your Sunday obligation. In fact, any Mass on Sunday fulfills your Sunday obligation.

I am female--do I need to wear a veil at Mass?

While you will likely see more veils at a Latin Mass than at a 'normal' Sunday Mass, it is not required to wear a veil.

Why isn't the priest facing us during Mass?

In an extraordinary form Mass, the priest faces ad orientum or "toward the east"--he is talking to God during the Mass, not those in the congregation.

How do I receive communion at an extraordinary form Mass?

You will receive communion while kneeling at the altar rail (or in the first pew if the church has no altar rail). When it is your turn to receive, open your mouth and extend your tongue. The priest say a prayer over you which concludes with the word "Amen" and then places the host on your tongue. You do not need to respond "Amen" as the priest says it for you.