•   S E L E C T E D   W O R K   •

•   R A M S E Y   •
Austin, TX

Extensive remodel under the existing roof  •  Neighborhood-friendly  •   Compliments rather than copies the original structure

•   W O L F C R E E K   •
Lafayette, LA

Guided by Cajun vernacular architecture  •  Sited on rural lot for natural day lighting and solar collection orientation  •   Passive ventilation & shading

•   S C O T T   C R E S C E N T   •
Austin, TX

Major remodel & addition  •  Eclectic elements edited down to a precious few, echoed and reinforced in new construction

•   N O R T H R I D G E   •
Austin, TX

2nd story addition in a mostly 1 story neighborhood  •  Care and attention given to massing and scale of materials  •  Pronunciation of mid-century features