I post my newest work first, so the older stuff is not up yet.

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October 2017: the marshrocket

I TIG welded this frame at UBI and built it up back at the ranch. This is a trailbike for getting rad, going far, and sleeping outside. The bike should speak to you on a backcountry adventure. "Go faster," it says. "Pin it." "Go further."

  • long: 472mm reach. low: 620mm stack. slack: 67deg head angle, 73deg seat angle.
  • 29 x 2.5 WT tires (2.25 Riddlers pictured measure just under 2.5 on these rims and roll fast)
  • 100mm fork, 130mm dropper
  • 760mm bars, 50mm stem, comfy seat, platform pedals
  • braze-ons for 4 Anything Cages plus another bottle
  • 30 x 11-46t gearing = 19-80 gear-inches
  • Drafted with a pencil and paper at 1:1, no CAD.

September 2017: Breaking Waves

This exhibit allows folks to explore the mechanics of breaking waves in water by varying the size of the waves and the angle of the beach. The tank is split lengthwise so that an unchanged traveling wave can be visually compared to the wave breaking onshore in the foreground.

The slowing and compression of the breaking wave are hilighted in the label, and are awesome in slow motion. See the fourth video in the gallery for that.

Developed at the Exploratorium with Erik Thogersen, Ray Larsen, Pearl Tesler, Nina Hido and Evan Variano of UC Berkeley.

May 2017: Synchronization

Coupled oscillators synchronize over time. This exhibit is four metronomes on a suspended platform in a nice case. Visitors are quite kind to the fragile devices when disturbing the pendulums and winding the clockworks. Since the environment doesn't telegraph "be gentle", I suspect the familiar nature of the device and the fine motion required to reach into the box help folks to be careful. I thought the metronomes would be broken regularly. They are not.

Developed at the Exploratorium.

June 2016: Chime Line and Xylophones at Sound Commons

Exhibits in the public plaza encourage all people to explore sound. Tall chimes, tuned to the C major pentatonic scale, flank winding boardwalks. A cluster of four xylophones encourages visitors to make music together.

Developed at the Exploratorium Studio for Public Spaces for San Francisco's UN Plaza.