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Bite Size Lessons for Everyone

Accelerated Guitar Learning

Some tricks that can help in our pursuit of music as we continually search for transformation

Beginners Acoustic

Let's look at the 'CAGED System' family of Chords and its applications.

This is foundational for every self-studying guitarist.

B for Bossa Nova

How to get that fingering, chord work and sound?

Study the Maj 6/9 and Min7 Chord shapes and research on some common comping patterns. Rhythm anticipation and the 3/2 and 2/3 Latin 'Clava' Patterns .

C for Chromatic Chords

How to link the 7 Chords in a Major Progression. Inputing the Diminished and Half-Dim Chords in between the typical 'harmonized Scale'

D for Damp It!

Right hand damp and the Left hand mute insights and discipline

These are habits we use unknowingly. "Silencing" the vibrating strings helps us during recording sessions and stops the occasional 'Feedbacks' on stage.

Rhythm Guitar

Concepts on dynamics when playing from the 'Verse to Choruses', and choice of using 'Fuller sounding Chords'. The need to play in different style and rhythm, yet keep the pulse and groove of the original tune.

Lead Framework

Let's attempt to Map out the Modes, Pentatonic, Blues, Major and Minor scales.

The money notes and how to explore different styles and feel. Techniques like Legato, Bends, Picking concepts and lots of practicing.

12 Bar Blues Form

Playing the Blues it's the beginning of Language. R'N'B Shuffles, Jazz Blues, Chicago and Delta Blues. Bottle Neck playing, the introduction to Dominant Chords and the Blues Scale.

Basic Jazz Chords

On how to transition from a Pop to a Jazzier 1-6-2-5 "Sound"

1-3-5-7-9-13 Chord, Lydian(#4) Sound, Bebop scale, Arpeggios and Chord tones.

What the 2-5-1?

Lets explore some ideas on turning a song like 'Sunday Morning' by incorporating those 'Cheem' embellishments

Tritone Subs, Melodic minor, b9 and chromatic chord movements.

Basic Walking Bass

We will explore some basics into that Jazzy Walking Bass lines.

Enclosure, Approach target notes and using Arpeggios and scales. Rhythm patterns to get that sound and vibe. Also incorporating some Jazz Chord work.

Low barrier to entry :)


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