Mental Health Strategies for Daily Life


How we view ourselves greatly impacts how we feel and how we interact with the world around us. The most challenging part about this, is that we often are not fully aware of how we view ourselves, or how this impacts us, or what to do with the information after we learn this. Therapy is an effective tool to help you navigate this journey. 

I have created a YouTube Channel and blog to help further disseminate coping skills, tools, and perspectives that can help manage challenging emotions as they arise and hopefully help you begin to self-reflect in a constructive manner. The blog contains the planned scripts of the YouTube videos as well as links to the videos themselves and the images that are portrayed in the videos.


Is it hard to relax and unwind because you feel a pressure to always "be productive?" This video guides you through a reflection and reframing techniques to help give yourself the permission you need to unwind. 

Low energy plagues us all from time to time. This episode provides some questions to better understand the state of your body and then steps to help "gain" some energy. 


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