Duct Cleaning

Air & Dryer Duct Cleaning & Inspection MN

Ductwork is an important feature when considering your home energy efficiency. Many homes lose valuable energy through their ductwork because of improper sealing in the ducting systems. Forced air will still come through the vents, but you might never know how much air is escaping without a home energy test. Home energy tests can reveal the amount of air that is leaking from the ductwork in your home. This is a quick and inexpensive process, and the procedure to fix any escaping air is likewise inexpensive and worth every penny.

Benefits Of Clean Air Vents

Lint is very flammable and is easily ignited by the heat. Dryer vent cleaning protects against fires, smoke and pollutants. Your dryer will run more efficiently reducing operating costs and energy consumption and your dryer will last longer and clothes will dry quicker.

Mold spores, bacteria and dust mites are huge problems for businesses and homes throughout the Twin Cities, MN. Not only can mold trigger allergic reactions, but they can also cause a host of respiratory problems. For businesses, mold infestations can leave you vulnerable to legal problems as well.