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Bankruptcies and bankruptcies, increase consultations:

"During the last 12 months we have detected an increase not only in inquiries about bankruptcy requests by the debtor or creditors, requests for bankruptcy or presentations of out-of-court preventive agreements and requests for crisis preventive procedures, but also an increase in consultations on private debt restructuring"

Specialist in debt restructuring and insolvency, analyzes the situation of companies facing these problems, and tells you how this reality impacts professional consultations in the area. 

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For the exclusive attention of CBA Associates

Please find below details of a new mandate.

In case you would like to get involved with this business opportunity, have a buyer, seller or financier respectively,

please contact the mandate holder Vladimir G. Zarubkin directly at his email address v.zarubkin@cba.associates, and put us in cc at exchange@cba.associates.

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Business Exchange

Brief Info:

Subject of email: New CBA Business Opportunity

Kind of deal: Capital Raising

Business Opportunity

Hotel in Turkey

Date of Mandate

February 3, 2023

Kind of Deal

Capital Raising

Mandate Code






Business Review

The purchase of the facility is made via land transfer against prepayment and remaining payment. The advance payment will be accepted by the Hotel Owner as land transfer which is offered by purchaser. The rest payment will be paid during the purchase. The reason for the sale of the hotel in question is the advanced age and personal preferences of the owner. Although there are existing hotels offered for sale in the region, the hotel's unique features make the purchase of the hotel attractive due to the permit documents required to increase the number of rooms, and the 3-hectare beach usage area due to the earnings it will add to the facility.


The Hotel has 192 rooms and available for add 70 rooms additionally due to its permission documents 2018. Also there are various shops inside the hotel, which are additional income with seasonal rentals to the private firms. To be 3 hectare large area of the beach, The distance from the hotel to the sea is 100 meters. There are residences around the hotel. There are two airports in the region. One of them is Gazipaşa Airport, located east of the hotel. This is 30 km from the hotel. The other airport is Antalya Airport to the west of the hotel. This airport is 135 km from the hotel.

CAPEX: EUR 18m hotel purchase and operation

Finance: Land transfer EUR 2m in equity, EUR 18m in leasing or partnership with financial participation

Revenue Q3Y 2020-2022: EUR 4,441,000

Revenue CAGR Q3Y 2020-2022):85,9%

IRR (2020-2022): 22,2%

Share purchase agreement: up to 60% indefinite partnership or annual leasing payment in the determined period

SIC Code & Description

70110300 HOTELS

Country of Origin


Target Countries


Target Areas

MENA, Worldwide



Transaction Type

Majority sale

REVENUE last year


EBITDA multiple

Capital / Loan Requirements