Johnston County Early College Academy

Continuous Improvement Plan

Lead Learner: Robert Daniels, Principal

Programs Offered: Honors High School Diploma, Associates of Arts, Sciences, or Engineering

JCECA's Wildly Important Goal: JCECA will continue to engage learners who innovate through our personalized learning practices that promote and celebrate the student centered classroom to make learning active and meaningful so that graduates are 21st century ready, lifelong learners who go on to pursue advanced degrees and certificates.


  • Continue Project Based Learning Initiatives in all classrooms
  • Employ Standards Based Grading Practices in all classrooms
  • Utilize Personalized Learning Practices in all classrooms
  • Ensure time and support for all learners through teacher/peer tutoring program as well as through XPeerience Peer Mentoring Program
  • Work with staff, students, and families to create classroom procedures to ensure the maximization of all learners' time in the classroom
  • Provide time for all teachers to collaborate, reflect, and build PLC connections to enhance their pedagogy
  • Deliver data and feedback that is actionable for all stakeholders of JCECA

Success Indicators

  • Creation and Implementation of the ECA Learner Profile to be given in August/September, February, and April
  • Use and employment of the data gathered from the ECA Learner Profile to guide lead learners' lessons and practices in classrooms
  • Progress along the JCPS Road Map for Professional Development (2018-2019/Learner Profile & SBTL) (2019-2020 Design for Learning)
  • Utilize staff and learner feedback data about the JCPS Road Map Professional Development Progression and Implementation

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