Cleveland High School's Continuous Improvement Plan

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1892 Polenta Road Clayton, North Carolina 27520 919-934-2455

Principal: Jenna Sauls Hairr

Assistant Principals: Shawn Bates, Cora Godwin, Timberly Harrington, Roger Norris

Wildly Important Goals

"Focusing on the wildly important requires you to go against your basic wiring as a leader to do more, and instead, focus on less so that your team can achieve more." - Sean Covey

To define a Wildly Important Goal (WIG) you must determine where you are now, where you want to be, how you are going to get there, and by when you want to achieve your goal. This allows you to narrow your focus on a few highly important goals, rather than trying to work on a dozen unclearly defined goals.

Cleveland High Schools Wildly Important Goals

Cleveland High School will shift from a traditional classroom setting, that is more punitive in nature, to one that is less disruptive, non-punitive in nature, and supportive of student agency.


  • Establish collective norms among students and staff that will create the desirable environment for unbiased learning.
  • Establish stakeholder focus groups and eventually bring the groups together to gain insight on core behavior expectations necessary for our school to flourish.
  • Establish a communication plan among school staff, students and parents.
  • Research motivational strategies to encourage consistency among staff members.
  • Establish a clear organization for resource materials for easy access.
  • Gather perception data from focus groups quarterly to monitor progress.
  • Empower staff through implementing professional development that continues to foster relationships and build a less disruptive, non-punitive, and supportive learning environment.
  • Continuously reflect and evaluate perception data.
  • Provide coaching and feedback to support the shifts.

Success Indicators

  • Implementation of collective norms among students and staff
  • Communication plan among school staff, students, and parents
  • Implementation of motivational strategies to encourage consistency
  • Perception data from focus groups
  • Student & Staff self reflection data
  • Professional Development
  • Coaching & Feedback logs
  • Decrease in punitive administrative referrals

Cleveland High School will shift from professional learning communities (PLC's) focused on traditional grading practices to professional learning communities focused on standards based teaching & learning.


  • Focus on Standards Based Teaching & Learning (SBTL) by aligning the ideas and topics from a curriculum to design instruction in a strategic and relevant way for students.
  • PLC's will continuously ask the question, "What should my students be able to do and understand?"
  • Common Planning for core courses in scheduling

Success Indicators

  • Identification of priority standards in each of the core courses
  • Identification of learning targets in each of the core courses
  • Development of proficiency scales for each of the core courses
  • Data talks from PLC meetings / PLC google folders
  • Creation & Implementation of standards aligned units